26 Q & A

Self-love to me means to put my happiness first.

Location: Uptown Charlotte, NC

1.Who are you? A Latina who just turned 26 and ready to take on the new exciting things to come with this new year! 😀

2.Describe the best birthday you ever had. Wine tasting at the Treehouse Vineyards last year 🙂

3.Where do you feel safe and loved? Reading the word of God

4.What is something I would love to learn? American Sign Language

5.Where would I like to travel in the next 5 years? Disneyworld, Canada, New York,  and the Grand Canyon.


6.What book are you reading right now? The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

7.What’s the best purchase you ever made? Why? Buying a round trip flight to Europe last summer with the Hughes family. 🙂

8. How has your relationship with yourself changed?  Taking all the negativity in my life and turning it into positives.

9.What skill are you working on developing? Learning more about the blogging world and on the other hand, becoming a certified coder for my professional career.

10.What you do feel incapable of doing? Settling for any one that doesn’t value me.


11. Copy a Bible verse into your journal.  Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. -Psalm 37:4

12.What advice would you give your younger self? Taking all the opportunities that come my way.

13.What do you appreciate most about your city? How fast it’s growing and the diversity of people.

14.How do I spend my free time? Reading, Blog Brainstorming, and Netflix-ing my favorite shows.

15.What are the 5 most important things to you in life? God, my family, my friends, my professional career, and my blog!


16.What bad habits do you want to break? Comparing my life with others.

17.What good habits do you want to cultivate? Working out to maintain a stress free live.

18. Who are the 5 people you spend the most time with? My parents, my brother, my friends, and myself 🙂

19.What is your ideal life partner like? A guy who’s educated, makes me laugh, loves to travel,  and a great listener.

20.What blogger inspires me the most? Sazan Hendrix 🙂


21.What does self-love mean to you? Self-love to me means to put my happiness first.

22.What positive changes have happened in the last year? Travelling more whether it’s the state next door or across the globe!

23.What would make your teenage self- proud of you now? I am a college grad working towards building my  professional career and on the fun side, building my blog!

24.Something you’re looking forward to this year? I look forward to going on my first trip with my younger brother after his high school graduation!

25.Which Harry Potter house would you be in? Or are you a Muggle? Team Ravenclaw because “Wit beyond measure is Man’s greatest treasure” 🙂


Now one last question directed towards my fellow readers! 🙂

26. What you would like to see more of on my blog from me?


Walking with God

We all have flaws; flaws that reach deep down to our core and try to break us.

Location: Sullivan’s Island, SC

“Come near to God and he will come near you.” -James 4:8

How is your walk with God today? Can you say that you talk to him daily? Or just when life gets in the way? Do you take daily walks with him? Or even sit down in front of him and have a quick cup of coffee?

No one is perfect, simply we are all perfectly imperfect. That is the true definition of Christianity. We all have flaws; flaws that reach deep down to our core and try to break us. The hardest thing to do is following God, especially when we are hurting, angry, or even happy.  Yes, happy. Why? Sometimes, we forget to praise him when everything is going well in our lives.

He wants to know all of what makes you happy, and not just the negativity surrounding you. Maybe you just got promoted, maybe you just had a breakup, or maybe you currently have a peace of mind. Regardless of what it is, God just wants you to talk to him about your day. So take that stroll in the park with him or call him up for a quick cup of coffee. Wherever it is. Just know, he’s listening. He’s always ready to listen.

So, what are you waiting for?

Sweater Weather

” I look forward to spending time with my loved ones.”

Location: Concord, NC

It’s the final month of the year. How time flew by is beyond me. I wanted to take a moment to reflect on this coming month.

The surrounding atmosphere is in festive cheer and the holidays are in full swing. Thanksgiving has just passed and there’s still Christmas and New Year’s to come.

I have officially decorated my work desk space with rhinestone snowflakes, glittery Styrofoam Christmas trees and a string of glittery penguins hanging near my desk.

However, I’m slightly stressing out over the following weeks to come. Aren’t we all?


When do I catch a break? When do any of us catch a break?

Instead of focusing on the things that need to get done during this holiday season, why not put some joy to it. Why not enjoy the precious moments that make us happy.

Above all the craziness, I look forward to so much this month.
I look forward to drinking hot cocoa on really cold nights.
I look forward to going outdoor ice skating.
I look forward to catching up with old college friends.
I look forward to squeezing in a quick getaway trip to refresh myself.
I look forward to spending time with my loved ones.
Lastly, I look forward to reflecting on the true reason for this season.

December is a month to enjoy. It is after all the most wonderful time of the year.

What are you looking forward to this month?


10 things about me

“West Coast born, Southern Raised.”

Photo Location: Louvre. Paris, France

I wanted to start my first blog post  introducing myself and giving you all a sneak peak at what’s to come 🙂

    • West coast born, Southern Raised.
    • I am one of 6 siblings. The Second youngest at that 😉
    • Avid Coffee Drinker.
    • Enormous Harry Potter Fanatic!!!
    • I graduated college in 4 years. Easier said than done. *Phew
    • I grew up speaking Spanish and English, and studied French in High School and throughout College. So that would make me multilingual right!?
    • Lover of all French things, and I went to Paris for the first time this summer!!
    • My favorite color is blue.
    • As a kid I was terrified of dogs. Now I love them! Especially Samoyeds, German Shepherds and Goldendoodles 🙂
    • Sometimes the most important person to talk to is God.

Future blog posts will consist of Relationships, Faith, Lifestyle, and anything in between!

I hope you enjoyed!