“Tres idiomas, Trois langues, Three Languages” miniseries, Day Two

2019-05-20 09.32.12 1.jpgHi again! So this is Day Two of my language miniseries. I hope you enjoyed reading Day One and hope you enjoy today’s post as well! It’s about my childhood memories with the Spanish language.

There came a time when I wanted to learn to write better in Spanish. Partially it had to do with the middle school friends I had at the time who came from Mexico. We would always exchange letters in the hallways and sometimes they’d be in Spanish. Another reason had to do with the Spanish class I took in the 6th grade. I really enjoyed learning Spanish in a classroom setting because it was more formal than learning it verbally at home.

One day, My parents went to the store and I picked up a Spanish-English dictionary and got to it! If there’s one thing I know is spelling words out in Spanish is way easier than in French, however that story is for another day. 😉 During that time I’d fallen in love with poetry, so I wrote several poems in Spanish. I loved trying to figure out how to rhyme Spanish words because it was a challenge for me compared to rhyming in English.

As if that was enough learning Spanish, during my middle school years was the time. Reggaeton took off. It is a form of dance music of Puerto Rican origin. Some popular artists are Daddy Yankee, Wisin y Yandel, Ivy Queen, and Tito El Bambino.  I may or may not be listening to some popular hits from Rakim y Ken-y the romantic Reggaeton duo as I’m typing. 🙂 I remember I learned their first album front to back and can still sing along to every verse! 😉

Overall, I feel like my middle school years were a time in which I spent learning and truly appreciating my Latino culture to the fullest.




P.S. What are song of your favorite Spanish songs? 🙂


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