The Story of Dandy Sandy

…” I saw them slowly reach me with their sticky, stubby fingers stretched out to strangle me.”

My feet were swiftly moving underneath me; every few seconds I would turn my head and look behind me. Nobody, oh thank goodness! I had no idea how long I’d been running in this shallow swamp that never seemed to end. My pants had begun to stick to my legs, which slowed me down. No! Why am I slowing down right now, what if they find me? I turned my head around one last time and there they were.

My breath had caught behind my lungs, making it difficult to breathe, and my heart was pounding so fiercely against my chest I thought it would never stop.

My knees began to shake, and they fell into the murky water; now I was a goner as I saw them slowly reach me with their sticky, stubby fingers stretched out to strangle me. I felt everything go black, and then, I was gone.

My eyes snapped open and the first thought that came to my head was that I wasn’t dead; it had all been a dream! I got up, went to the bathroom, and took a shower to wash away that horrid dream; the dream that I’d been having lately. After my shower, I got dressed in my regular clothes; the baggy blue overalls, my favorite solid yellow t-shirt, a polka dotted tie, my one of a kind red shoes, and the best part of it all my big red rubbery nose. As I stared at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t help but think why on earth did I choose this job. I wasn’t fooling myself; I was a clown by the name of Dandy Sandy and my utmost secret is this: I am terribly afraid of children. I left the bathroom and picked up my bag of games beside the door and drove to a party I was scheduled for the entire day and evening.

Outside what looked like a mansion, I saw little children, or what I’d call “creeps”, running around happily entering the gate doors decorated with pink balloons. The sight nearly gave me an asthma attack! I quickly reached into my pocket and took out my inhaler. I took in three puffs of it and while I did so, I never noticed the evil-looking “creep” with a murderous glint in his eyes that would make me meet my doom tonight.

The party wasn’t what I had thought it would be. The little girls were content with their water squirting flowers, and were the boys with their sling-shots. I thought to myself, these creeps aren’t so bad, they’re completely the opposite of those I grew up with. the neighborhood I grew up in was mostly made up of old buildings and foster children that made my life into a real nightmare. I pushed my thoughts away and walked around with a smile on my face, making sure all the kids were happy. A smile that had been truly happy to be here until I saw him. He was staring at me with the meanest glare possible. I gulped.

Nearing the end of the party, I was exhausted. My hands were sweating and I began to feel nauseous because the creep hadn’t taken his eyes off me ever since I caught him staring at me. Mrs. Hunter came up to me and asked me to dance “The Dandy Sandy Dance” while she and the other adults went inside to bring the cake and food out. My greatest fear had come true: being alone with the little creeps. I said yes and I prepared myself to be brave. When I walked back into the garden, I barely gotten inside when I slipped. Laugher spread out as I tried to get up; several of the children jumped on me, making it difficult to breathe. As I was struggling with my asthma, I saw the evil-looking child staring down at me and in his hands were my inhaler. I instantly freaked out, my heart was pounding in light-years, my head was spinning, was had I done to deserve this? I tried once more to get up, but that was nearly impossible as all of them had jumped on top of me. I felt a shortage of breath, my last one; as I looked around one last time, I saw short, stubby fingers reaching out to me. I must’ve hallucinated them, but I  would never know because at that moment I knew my life was almost over. In the distance, I heard several feet running, and shouting from what sounded like chipmunks saying “Dandy Sandy, Dandy Sandy!” Then I was gone.


Your scary story teller friend,


One thought on “The Story of Dandy Sandy”

  1. Hi patty wow let me just say how much I loved ready this. It took me back to high school to when I was obsessed with reading that I would not take a lunch break because I was busy ready or when I would stay up until 2 am reading books. I wanted more and i had long forgotten this feeling! I will be hitting the book store this week and I’ll be waiting for the next blog!!! Att. Mariela


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