C’est la musique Française!

…it transports me to a time where my love for French music grew.”

Location: Paris, France

There’s several childhood memories I cherish, however there is one in particular which took place in my Elementary school music class that I wanted to share. One day, my music teacher taught us the French version of the nursery “Are You Sleeping?”. To this day I can still sing along this very nursery and it transports me to a time where my love for French music grew. Fast forward to Senior year in high school and I’m sitting in class translating French lyrics. I didn’t quite enjoy doing so at the time, because honestly it wasn’t easy or fun. On the other hand, I wouldn’t have survived the long hours translating long, boring French texts in college without the previous experience. On a fun note, I wanted to share some of my favorite songs from very different genres! I hope you all take the time to listen to them and maybe even learn some French along the way. 🙂

Pop Folk: “Le Coeur Éléphant”and “Mes Autres” by Frero Delavega

Electronic: “Alors on Danse” and “Papaoutai” by Stromae

Rap: “Sapés Comme Jamais”  and “Tu vas me manquer” by Maitre Gims

Electropop: “Complètement Fou” and “Chimie Physique” by Yelle