What’s On My Worship Playlist

untitled shoot17072819-EditI’m back! It’s been a while since I’ve shared a post on here and I wanted to stop by for my followers. 🙂 You’re probably wondering where I’ve been and that has a simple explanation. With my move that I shared in my last post, I had been busy settling into my new life. Between starting a new job and caring for a puppy, life has kept me busy! I will slowly get back into writing more often, but for now I wanted to share a quick post on some of my favorite worship songs.

I share these worship songs to encourage you to see the positive light in the darkness in our world currently. Who else is feeling hopeless during this quarantine/stay at home order/social distancing life right now!? I’m right there with each and everyone of you and that’s why I hope these songs bring peace and strength to those that need it. I hope everyone has a blessed one!

•It Is Well- Bethel Music & Kristene Dimarco

•I Can Feel You- Jen Johnson & Bethel Music

•We Will Not Be Shaken- Bethel Music & Brian Johnson

•Miracles- Jesus Culture ft. Chris Quilala

•I’m A Lover Of Your Presence- Bryan & Katie Torwalt

•Relentless Pursuit- Kim Walker-Smith & Skyler Smith

•Break Every Chain-Jesus Culture

•Freedom Reigns- Jesus Culture

•I Surrender- Hillsong

And of course to represent my local worship band from Charlotte, NC:  🙂 🙂

•With You- Elevation Worship

•Lo Haras Otra Vez (Do it Again)- Elevation Worship


P.S. What are your favorite worship songs!? Please comment below. 🙂

Much love,


Life Update: Greensboro


Sooo I moved to Greensboro! If you remember in my last post from July where I talked about wanting to share some really exciting news well that was it! It’s been a crazy ride this past month and a half but I’m all for it. 🙂 All I can think of is how great God has been in this huge transitional season in my life and just how unfailing his love is for me.  Which is why I want to quote one of my favorite songs “Do It Again” from Elevation Worship:

“I’ve seen You move, come move the mountains/ And I believe, I’ll see You do it again/ You made a way, where there was no way/ And I believe, I’ll see you do it again”.

He truly moved some big mountains in his timing and will continue to do so. With that being said I have been beyond exciting to have Greensboro as my new city and all the new and exciting things God has in store for me here. 🙂




A Hallway of Praise

thumbnail“Until God opens the next door, praise him in the hallway.” I can’t count how many times in the past I’ve seen this Pinterest quote but today it truly hit home.

As I close the one familiar door I’ve known my entire life and turn ahead to see the numerous doors before me; I slightly get filled with uncertainty. Here I am in the hallway. As I’m walking, I see doors in all shapes and sizes and begin to wonder when one will open.

Are you currently in the hallway? Are you making big changes in your life right now? Or are you currently waiting for an answer to your prayers?

All I can say is trust God in the uncertainties.

How often we forget to give thanks to him during the transitional seasons in our lives. Its in these particular moments that we truly experience his goodness. Like wow he really did THAT. God really came through with it. My dreams and desires are no longer just that; they are visible. He’s shifting my life in various ways and I’m trying my best to be patient enough to see the beautiful outcome he has for me.

So as I continue down the hallway, I praise him for all the smaller yet significant moments that led to this huge transitional period in my life. THANK YOU GOD. You’re a good good father. It’s who you are. 😉 (*inserts Good Good Father lyrics by Chris Tomlin)

“I’ve seen many searching for answers far and wide/ But I know we’re all searching/ For  answers only you provide/ ‘Cause you know just what we need/ Before we say a word/

You’re a good good father/ It’s who you are, it’s who you are, its who you are/ And I’m loved by you…”

So whoever else is in the same transitional season as me, will you join me?

I’ll be here in the hallway singing songs of praise for what has been and what will be.

On another note, I hope to share with everyone my good news when I’m ready. 🙂



“Tres idiomas,Trois langues, Three languages” miniseries, Day Three

2019-06-06 09.42.59 2.jpg

Today is the Final Day of my Language miniseries!

Some of my readers may know that I speak French, but for those that don’t “Bonjour, mes amis!” I decided to learn French in high school where I took three years of it, meanwhile the majority of my friends opted for Spanish or Spanish for Native Speakers. 😉 Then I went on to college where I minored in Francophone Studies. So that’s just a little background of my Frenchie side! Nowadays, I use my newly profound language by occasionally  listening to French music, watching French films, and reading books in French. I’ve fallen in love with the rap/pop vibes of Gims and the very talented Romain Duris (I’ve seen 5 of his films!) and all the way in outer space with the novel Le Petit Prince. 😉

Sometimes I feel as God has blessed me by giving me the most random encounters with French speaking people. I’ll list a few below. 🙂

1. Four summers ago, I was trekking up Lombard Street and I stumbled upon a French family.

2.  On the road to Raleigh, my family stopped to a Burger where I meet a small group of Congolese people.

3. On a separate occasion, when I worked in retail there was a Congolese family that would go grocery shopping often.

4. One time I applied to local thrift store where the owners happened to be from Quebec.

I may be missing more encounters but those were my most memorable ones!   They hopefully won’t be the last and I look forward to many more 😉

On a side note, I thought I’d share some photos of my trip to Paris exactly two summers ago that I’d never got around to posting. Check them out on my Instagram @cisne.rose !!





“Tres idiomas, Trois langues, Three Languages” miniseries, Day Two

2019-05-20 09.32.12 1.jpgHi again! So this is Day Two of my language miniseries. I hope you enjoyed reading Day One and hope you enjoy today’s post as well! It’s about my childhood memories with the Spanish language.

There came a time when I wanted to learn to write better in Spanish. Partially it had to do with the middle school friends I had at the time who came from Mexico. We would always exchange letters in the hallways and sometimes they’d be in Spanish. Another reason had to do with the Spanish class I took in the 6th grade. I really enjoyed learning Spanish in a classroom setting because it was more formal than learning it verbally at home.

One day, My parents went to the store and I picked up a Spanish-English dictionary and got to it! If there’s one thing I know is spelling words out in Spanish is way easier than in French, however that story is for another day. 😉 During that time I’d fallen in love with poetry, so I wrote several poems in Spanish. I loved trying to figure out how to rhyme Spanish words because it was a challenge for me compared to rhyming in English.

As if that was enough learning Spanish, during my middle school years was the time. Reggaeton took off. It is a form of dance music of Puerto Rican origin. Some popular artists are Daddy Yankee, Wisin y Yandel, Ivy Queen, and Tito El Bambino.  I may or may not be listening to some popular hits from Rakim y Ken-y the romantic Reggaeton duo as I’m typing. 🙂 I remember I learned their first album front to back and can still sing along to every verse! 😉

Overall, I feel like my middle school years were a time in which I spent learning and truly appreciating my Latino culture to the fullest.




P.S. What are song of your favorite Spanish songs? 🙂


“Tres idiomas, trois langues, three languages” miniseries, Day One

2019-05-20 09.32.18 1.jpg

Today is day one of my language miniseries and this is something I have been really excited to share. I truly had lots of fun writing my experiences growing up learning multiple languages as a Mexican-American girl in the United States.  Hope you enjoy!

Looking back at my childhood, there’s one particular memory that stuck out to me. Around the time I started elementary school I remember I had struggled learning English. Thinking back to that time I just smile now. I can still hear my dad patiently telling me to ask him what I needed at that moment in English and myself getting frustrated. I wanted to desperately say it in Spanish and he said no you need to keep practicing your English.

Growing up around that time, my dad was the only bilingual person at home and all the kids in my neighborhood were also first-generation students learning English for the first time. If I step outside the very same neighborhood, the majority of kids entering elementary school now have at least 1 or more older siblings that has taught them English. It’s crazy to think how much has changed since my childhood days.

You may ask yourself why this particular childhood memory? This is a sweet memory of my younger self who despite struggling at that time, I now am fluent in both languages and then some. Yes, there are times today when I forget a word in Spanish. I find myself describing the word or saying it in English until the native Spanish-speaking person who I’m speaking to understands what I’m saying.  LOL. I know some of my bilingual friends have been there!



P.S. What are some of your fond memories learning a second language?


Why I chose the blog name Cisne.Rose.

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Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well! Today I wanted to explain why I gave my blog a makeover. So you’re probably asking why “Cisne.Rose.”? My last name is Cisneros and pronounced in English as “Sis-nair-rose”. Since I knew the meaning of my first name Patricia meant noble. I often wondered what my last name meant and where it originated from. I did some researching and came across multiple sources saying my last name originated from Spain and meant a place of swans. The word for swans in Spanish is cisne. I immediately felt a beautiful connection to these beautiful creatures. They swim about the water gracefully and when they fall in love they become soulmates for life. I started playing around with the word cisne for my new blog title but wasn’t fully satisfied and felt like something was missing. I wanted to incorporate the ending part “ros” of my last name in some form. Eventually I did a play on words and decided with “rose”  like the flower. I thought to myself roses symbolize love and what would make me happier than receiving a bouquet of roses from time to time. I loved the thought of Cisne and Rose so much I went for it. With a little help from a dear blogger friend, I made my own blog logo and tweaked it around several times until I came up with the finished product you now see on my home page. What I want out of this new blog title is to help you move more gracefully throughout life, and for you to love the life you live and rediscover the beauty of it. I hope with this new makeover to encourage you in your daily life. I came across the bible verse “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today”” from Hebrews 3:13. With that said, I hope to encourage you Today regardless of what you may be going through to move gracefully/respond gracefully despite the troubles you are experiencing, and to love the life you live because God entrusted it to you because he knew you can handle what is thrown at you and rediscover the beauty of your life.  Your life is precious and I hope you remember that daily.