Bon Appetit a la Greensboro!

Hi everyone! I have been super excited to compile this list of my favorite food spots in Greensboro from this past year and this post will be one of many to come! I hope this post will convince  you to take a day trip to this amazing city and eat/drink your way through every one … Continue reading Bon Appetit a la Greensboro!

A Season of Transition

This past year has brought so much change and its impossible to know where to start, however I wanted to highlight the tough lessons I have learned. It's been exactly a year this month since I moved out for the first time and also to a new city, double woah! During my college years, I … Continue reading A Season of Transition

What’s On My Worship Playlist

I'm back! It's been a while since I've shared a post on here and I wanted to stop by for my followers. 🙂 You're probably wondering where I've been and that has a simple explanation. With my move that I shared in my last post, I had been busy settling into my new life. Between … Continue reading What’s On My Worship Playlist

Life Update: Greensboro

Sooo I moved to Greensboro! If you remember in my last post from July where I talked about wanting to share some really exciting news well that was it! It's been a crazy ride this past month and a half but I'm all for it. 🙂 All I can think of is how great God … Continue reading Life Update: Greensboro

A Hallway of Praise

"Until God opens the next door, praise him in the hallway." I can't count how many times in the past I've seen this Pinterest quote but today it truly hit home. As I close the one familiar door I've known my entire life and turn ahead to see the numerous doors before me; I slightly … Continue reading A Hallway of Praise

“Tres idiomas,Trois langues, Three languages” miniseries, Day Three

Today is the Final Day of my Language miniseries! Some of my readers may know that I speak French, but for those that don't "Bonjour, mes amis!" I decided to learn French in high school where I took three years of it, meanwhile the majority of my friends opted for Spanish or Spanish for Native … Continue reading “Tres idiomas,Trois langues, Three languages” miniseries, Day Three

“Tres idiomas, Trois langues, Three Languages” miniseries, Day Two

Hi again! So this is Day Two of my language miniseries. I hope you enjoyed reading Day One and hope you enjoy today's post as well! It's about my childhood memories with the Spanish language. There came a time when I wanted to learn to write better in Spanish. Partially it had to do with … Continue reading “Tres idiomas, Trois langues, Three Languages” miniseries, Day Two

“Tres idiomas, trois langues, three languages” miniseries, Day One

Today is day one of my language miniseries and this is something I have been really excited to share. I truly had lots of fun writing my experiences growing up learning multiple languages as a Mexican-American girl in the United States.  Hope you enjoy! Looking back at my childhood, there's one particular memory that stuck out … Continue reading “Tres idiomas, trois langues, three languages” miniseries, Day One

Why I chose the blog name Cisne.Rose.

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing well! Today I wanted to explain why I gave my blog a makeover. So you're probably asking why "Cisne.Rose."? My last name is Cisneros and pronounced in English as "Sis-nair-rose". Since I knew the meaning of my first name Patricia meant noble. I often wondered what my last … Continue reading Why I chose the blog name Cisne.Rose.